B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering – Energy and Industrial Production

The degree in mechanical – energy and production provides an important scientific – technique basis which allows the graduate to address both the continuation of engineering studies and the integration into the work world.

Particular attention shall be paid to the basic preparation and the acquisition of methods, techniques and updated instruments for:

  • Sustainable production and optimal management of renewable energy sources – résumé Energy
  • The management of industrial production – résumé Industrial

Future opportunities

The main opportunities for employment are industry, services and public administration.

In particular:

  • in mechanical and electromechanical industries;
  • manufacturing companies for production;
  • in Industries and public and private entities active in the field of production and energy
  • enterprises and implantation design studies;
  • in the refrigeration and environmental conditioning business;
  • in businesses which produce and distribute electric energy and heat.

The degree allows enrollment in the register of industrial engineers iuniores, after passing the state exam, and devoting to the free profession (feasibility studies, design, technical arbitration, partial expertise or expert of the Court, etc.).

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