M.Sc. Digital Humanities – Communication and New Media

Digital Humanities: theoretical and practical approach to the study of  humanistic disciplines (texts/images/sounds/videos) using methodologies and languages of  the computer science.
The importance of Digital Humanities is nowadays highlighted in several fields: Digital Communication, protection and preservation of Cultural Heritage, Creative Industries, Digital Art, Infographic, Web Design, Web Marketing, ICT in education, Gaming, Simulations.

Students will experience Creative Writing/New Media Journalism in the laboratory WebRadio Campuswave, images/film editing are available and eligible activities in a 3DLab, Design/Web Design will be practiced in the Graphic and Web Design laboratory, Man-Machine Interaction will be trained in the research laboratory ‘Casa Paganini’.

Job opportunities

The professional profile will deal with the need of communication and new media, fundamental in different fields and scenarios. The employment varies with the chosen curriculum (see Educational Objectives):
– Service Designer for network communication also as web designer;
– Manager of environments and services for network communication;
– Network communication designer (content manager, social media manager, content curator);
– Network marketing designer and manager (SEM, SEO);
– Corporate Communications, Institutional and Business Communications representative, also related to cultural heritage and creative industry;
– Designer and manager of cultural communication with new media, new interfaces and new nonverbal, emotional and social communication techniques;
– Interactive designer and manager (digital signage);
– Content designer, designer of systems and applications for the interactive use of contents and cultural heritage;
– Content designer and manager, designer and manager of systems and applications for performing arts, for the social inclusion, for theray and rehabilitation.

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