M.Sc. Valorizzazione dei Territori e Turismi Sostenibili 

The magistral degree in development of sustainable territories and tourism is a process of original and innovative studies which aims to enhance the link between tourism and territory, by weakening global and local dimensions and prioritising an ecological and interdisciplinary approach. There are only three degrees of this class. It allows, according with the Ministerial Regulations, to A21 class (Geography), and other classes after the acquisition of disciplinary CFU provided by D.P.R. 14 February 2016 n. 19.

Career Opportunities

Tourism is a real industry for our country and for many regions including Liguria that has seen the trend in the sector in recent years as a strategic one. For this purpose, we need programming, prompt investment and human resources, which is training. In order to offer quality tourist experience, qualified figures are essential. The LM aims to form profiles such as: tourism designer, editor for tourist texts, geographer as a territorial mediator.

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