Governing council

Authorities of the center are the Governing Council and the President.

The Governing council is the main decision maker on orientation, general organization and deliberation on development strategies and activities in the center, respecting government authorites.
The Governing council was created with Electoral Decree n. 98 del 27/3/2013. The composition was modified with Electoral Decree n. 11442 del 24/12/2015, becoming effective since 1/1/2016.

The President represents the center, leads initiatives, coordination and surveillance on all activities of the center and is responsible for the reaching of its objectives.

The members of the council are:

DelfinoFederico Delfino
icona-personaCristian Borrello
General Director of University of Genoa
icona-personaPietro Giribone
Representative of DIME
SaconeSimona Sacone
Representative of DIBRIS
icona-personaCarlotta Pagnini
Representative of DICCA
ZappatoreSandro Zappatore
Representative of DITEN
icona-personaPiero Ruggeri
Representative of DIMES
icona-personaMarco Testa
Representative of DINOGMI
icona-personaRoberto Pellerey
Representative of DISFOR
icona-personaLeonardo Benzi
Students' representative
ZucchiattiDaniela Zucchiatti
CENS's Director (advisory vote)