School of Social Sciences – Get your degree

In order to get the degree in Communication Sciences is necessary to:
1) present to the Student Desk the temporary title of the thesis, signed by the supervisor (for master thesis a co-supervisor is also needed) at least six months before the expected degree date.

2) fill in and confirm online, by the dates fixed by the department:
– the degree request;
Almalaurea questionnaire;
The paper form of such documents is not needed.
Compilation and confirmation are possible also in case of missing registered exams and educational activities.

4) Please contact the computer laboratory of the Campus (Delfino building) in case of computer supports (slides, CD, etc…) needed for the thesis presentation/dissertation An e-mail to has to be sent at least one week before the degree day.

In case the student renounces to the degree session in which is registered, a prompt e-mail to the following addresses is necessary: and


  • the original record book has no more to be delivered to the administrative office;
  • exams and educational activities must be registered 20 days before the beginning of the degree session;
  • the student has to check the correct registration of exams and educational activities;
  • the student is guarantor for the corrispondence between personal data and data in the student page;
  • the student needs to pay for fees and the stamp duty of € 16,00 for the emission of the degree certificate using Online services– Fees.

N.B the timetable of each degree cerimony will be available on the department of Education Sciences website