Schoool of Social Sciences – activation of the internship

In case the company where the student would like to do the internship has already stipulated an agreement with University of Genoa, the intern must present 3 copies of the educational project to the Student Desk in the Savona Campus, with original stamps and signatures (intern and company’s signature) on all copies; all copies need the approval signatures of the academic and the company tutor, close to their names.

The educational project has also to include a detailed description of the learning objectives which need to be congruent with objectives of the Degree course.

Such objectives are defined by the academic tutor jointly with the company tutor.

The internship is included in the syllabus of the third year and is usually effectuated when lessons are over; there is the possibility to activate the internship starting from the first semester of the third year as long as classes and internship are not overlapped.

Submission of the set of forms must be presented at least 15/20 days before the starting day of the internship itself.

In case the company hasn’t already stipulated an agreement, the company itself must take care of its stipulation following indications on the specific page of University of Genoa webiste.

Copies of the educational project for the student and the company will be available at the Student Desk a couple of days before the first day of internship.

In this page are available the latest internships’ offers proposed by interested companies.

The University provides insurance of interns properly registered up to 12 months.

At the end of the internship

At the end of the internship the student must present the following documents at the Student Desk:

  • final report of the internship, minimum of 1800 words and maximum of 5000 words, including a detailed description of the activities;
  • declaration of the company including the period of time of the internship and indication of its positive conclusion;
  • declaration of the academic tutor proposing the acceptance of the internship by the relative commission;
  • timetable sheet completed and signed by the intern and the company tutor.

All documents have to be registered within the first half of the month in order to allow the registration process in the first days of the following month, as long as the internship is positively accepted by the commission.

Possible work experiences

Students that got work experiences or volunteering activities congruent with objectives of the course can ask for the substitution of the internship activity. In order to get it, the student must present the following documents to the Student Desk:

  • application for recognition addressed to the Degree Council;
  • certification by the company or the organization in which the student has worked, including the signature of the legal spokeperson and  the professional function performed;
  • detailed report of the activities, skills and knowledge developed and learned including the relationship between the university course and the work experience; such report must be signed by the student and countersigned by the legal spokeperson of the company or ogranization.

The Internship Commission will deliberate the approval or rejection of the student’s application.

Extra-curricular internships post-lauream: the “Regional discipline for educational internships, integration and reintegration on the job market and summer internships” has been implemented and published on the Official Bulletin of Liguria region, part II, n. 22 of 30.05.2012.
Information about activation of such stages are available in the relative web page of the University of Genoa website.